making mastepieces of your images.

Image Blocks uses an innovative process to transform your photos into modern masterpieces. Your photos are printed on 100% scratch resistant and waterproof aluminum that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime! And unlike traditional photos, Image Blocks has the distinct advantage of never discoloring or losing the integrity of your photos over time. And they are AWESOME.

Your pieces are then mounted on a variety of rich, native Australian timber.  Authentic Victorian Ash Hardwood; this timber known for having consistently straight grain and little to no gum veins. The natural coloring of this Australian Hardwood ranges from pale pinks to pale straw. If you prefer to show off a different, softer wood texture, try out the Australian Jarrah hardwood timber. This wood is renowned for its smooth grain with rich deep red to red-brown tone natural timber colorations that suits the vibrancy of the glossy metal surfaces your photo will be printed on.

Standing solidly either vertically or horizontally, it doesn’t matter what kind of photo you have; professional portraits, family snapshots,  your favorite Instagram, Hipstamatic photos can be printed and rendered into exquisite pieces of art that are guaranteed to invite conversation whenever you have company over!


unique amazing original.

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imageblocks are scratch resistant and water proof
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We turn your digital images in to beautiful ready to hang or stand art

Your images are printed on aluminium and then adheared to a wooden frame. The metal is flawless and we can do matt or gloss

Bring your photos to life Made in Melbourne, Australia.

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